Gulfstream Keeps Racking Up The Miles, And Awards


Like a traveling salesman punch-drunk on racking up enough frequent-flyer miles to receive first-class upgrades for life, Gulfstream keeps setting distance records with its G550 uber-bizjet. And, in the bargain, it also won an award. The most recent distance records were established on March 8, when a G550 took off from Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C., and landed 7 hours and 24 minutes later at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany. Three days later, the G550 took off again, this time from Rotterdam Airport in the Netherlands, and landed 7 hours and 27 minutes later at Dulles. Gulfstream is awaiting official recognition by the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) for the resulting speed records. “The G550 continues to perform flawlessly, said Bryan Moss, president, Gulfstream. With each new record-setting flight, the G550 further establishes itself as the clear and credible leader in the ultra-long-range business jet category.

Meanwhile, the NAA awarded its 2003 Collier Trophy to the Gulfstream 550 team for “developing an ultra-long-range business jet that includes various technological and safety advances.” According to Gulfstream, the most significant of those advances is Gulfstreams Enhanced Vision System, which allows pilots to see the runway and the surrounding area in conditions of limited visibility, such as at night or in fog. The Collier Trophy will be presented to Gulfstream on May 19 at a formal dinner in Arlington, Va.