Helicopter Makes It Rain (Money)


The passing of Leonard Maull roughly one year ago was remembered, Saturday, by an unannounced public event that carried out a last request contained in his will — to dump $10,000 from the sky over a specific marina in Delaware, local news WBOC 16 reported. The mission was carried out by a low-flying helicopter that hovered over the marina at Lewes Harbor that Maull had frequented during his life. For roughly five minutes, the aircraft dropped the money, in equal denominations of $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills, in compliance with Maull’s request. One witness told a local news station, “It was pretty crazy.” While the public was not aware of the event until it began, Lewes police were notified in advance and prepared by placing more officers in the area. It seems at least two people ended up in the hospital, reportedly due to accidents suffered while chasing money.

Some lucky locals reportedly gathered up to $700 for themselves and while the scene was relatively chaotic with “people swimming through the canal,” and “boats coming in, scooping it up with nets,” a local bartender said, no fights were reported. Maull’s trustee, Bill Berry, said he did not know why Maull made the request, adding, “I would’ve never thought Leonard would do anything like this. It was his money and I figured he could do what he wanted to do with it.” Maull reportedly operated a Bait and Tackle shop in the area and visited the Marina frequently. Locals believe there may still be money to be found: “There’s cash in those woods,” one told the Cape Gazette.