Icon A5 Flies With New Wing, RC Version Introduced


Icon this week announced the first flight of its A5 amphibious LSA with the new spin-resistant wing that will go on the production model. The flight took place last Thursday, following “many months … [of] development and fabrication,” according to the company’s Facebook page. The airplane will remain wings-level in a stall, the company said, helping the pilot to maintain control. The wing also is without flaps, which Icon said will simplify operations and increase safety for new pilots. Deliveries are set to start in the fourth quarter of next year. Those who can’t wait can now order an RC model of the A5, ready to start shipping next month.

The models, created by Horizon Hobby, have a 52-inch wingspan and removable landing gear for amphibious operations. They’re available in various configurations at prices from $199 to $340. The models are for sale on Icon Aircraft’s web site and at Horizon’s web site. Icon also announced recently that it has narrowed down its choices for the location of its future headquarters. The new facility will consolidate engineering, production, corporate and flight training, and will be located in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada or Texas. The company currently works from a facility in Tehachapi, Calif.