Jepp Marks 30 Years Of Trip Planning


Has it been 30 years already? So it has, according to Jeppesen, since its International Trip Planning Services began operations as part of Lockheed DataPlan. Jeppesen acquired the business in 1989 and expanded it to its current full-service operation, covering the U.S., Europe, the Middle East and India. In addition the company says it has on-site trip planning operations housed at NetJets, Bombardier FlexJet and at Club 328. Jeppesen says its soon-to-be-middle-aged business provides a wide array of services for business aviation, including itinerary planning, flight planning, obtaining any required permits, a handler network ensuring quality ground services, the Jeppesen World Fuel Services program, on-site meteorologists, and more.

“The International Trip Planning Services business has matured and grown a great deal since it was founded 30 years ago,” said Kevin Collins, executive vice president, Business and General Aviation. “Even with all the changes and technological advances, one thing remains as our unrelenting focus for this business — getting close to our trip planning customers and delivering time after time to their very high standards.” 2007 also marks the 100th anniversary of founder Captain Elrey B. Jeppesen’s birth. The company has been doing business for more than 70 years and presently is a subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services, a unit of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.