Jet Damaged In Indiana Overrun


A Cessna CJ2 jet was badly damaged when it ran off a runway at Michigan City Municipal Airport, in Indiana, about 6:45 Wednesday morning. The jet hit a 10-foot-high metal fence, crossed a four-lane highway and slid more than 100 yards across a snowy field before coming to rest, with one wing and its landing gear shorn off. The pilot and passenger exited the airplane on their own. They were treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released, according to local news reports. About 300 gallons of fuel leaked from the aircraft, but there was no fire, the local WNDU News reported.

The jet had taken off from DuPage Airport, near Chicago, at 6:22 a.m., according to the Northwest Indiana Times, and arrived at Michigan City about 6:44. The pilot told local police they were coming in to land but touched down too far down the runway. The pilot tried to take off again but ran out of room. Officials said there was no ice on the runway, but it was covered with a light dusting of snow.