Liberty Consolidates Its Facilities


Casual observers at the headquarters of Liberty Aerospace in Melbourne, Fla., Friday may have sparked rumors that the operation is closing down, but Liberty President Keith Markley told AVweb that the company is just consolidating facilities. AVweb spoke with Markley by phone Friday. Markley said Liberty has given up leases (which were expiring) on two buildings to consolidate and lower costs. That means moving from five buildings to three. “It’s a big project,” he said, adding, “We’re open for business, though things may look like they’re in disarray for two to three weeks.” Markley said he’s heard rumors before, and while sales have slowed, industry-wide, year-over-year sales figures are improving. As for Liberty, “We’ll continue to operate and do whatever it takes to control and maintain costs,” he said. He also noted a bright spot.

“Our business in Asia continues to grow,” Markley told AVweb, adding that the company’s current business has shifted from outright production-line manufacturing to manufacturing to order. At this time that generally means supporting fleet customers (read: flight schools), he said. While choosing not to renew leases covering the two buildings Liberty is currently vacating, the company still holds a five-year lease covering other facilities at Melbourne.