Making The Most Of Business Travel?


Private aircraft may be the ultimate business timesaver but now theres a Web site dedicated to ratcheting up that efficiency a little more. SkyLounge is like Facebook for business travelers. Frequent fliers register their trips before they go and can find out who on their contact list might be in the same city when they arrive so they can pick up where they left off on the last trip. “Its a network for ambitious hard working people that want to get more out of their trips,” said founder Marcel van Gemerden. “Knowing when business contacts, friends and/or family are in town can be the difference between a mediocre trip and an absolute winner.” Registration is free for business travelers (must be 21) and members fill out a profile and can add company and personal Web sites as they wish. “Networking is more than just meeting a person once. Its keeping in touch and re-connecting on a continuous basis,” van Gemerden said. “SkyLounge gives its members that opportunity in a non-imposing and friendly way.”