Pilot Turns Fake Emergency Into Marriage Proposal (Video)

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Back in February, Pilot Ryan Thompson decided to propose to his girlfriend in the air, while flying a Diamond DA40 (or similar) near Chicago, but the proposal wasn’t the only drama Thompson had planned and all of it was caught on video. While the actual flight took place months ago, the edited video only appeared on the internet this month and it is making headlines, including Good Morning America. Thompson’s preflight planning for the flight included mounting a GoPro to the glareshield and printing a special checklist. Once airborne with then-girlfriend Carlie, the two enjoyed some sightseeing before Thompson unleashed his plan.

He feigned control failure and asked Carlie to stay calm and read through a checklist for him. At the end of Thompson’s modified checklist came the phrase “ring engagement procedure.” The rest should really be watched, but in the end, Carlie’s “well, you got me” was appropriate for more than just the prank. Since going viral, the video has sparked some tongue-in-cheek responses from the YouTube community, like this one: “Well don’t I feel like a d__k. I asked my girl to marry me while walking the dog. Thanks, a___ole.”