Raytheon Adds Two Authorized Hawker Service Centers


Raytheon this week announced that two of its Raytheon Aircraft Services (RAS) locations were designated as authorized Hawker Service Center facilities. By adding the two facilities — RAS San Antonio and RAS Indianapolis — to its list of authorized Hawker service centers, Raytheon has upgraded nine of the 10 U.S.-based RAS facilities to authorized Hawker Service Centers. Additional facilities include Hawker Aircraft Services in Little Rock, Ark., and in Chester, U.K. According to Raytheon, the designation means that both centers “passed rigorous audit compliance standards to ensure the highest quality maintenance standards for Hawker business jets.” “Our intent is to be able to offer full service to every Beechcraft and Hawker owner throughout the United States, said Skip Madsen, president of operations for RAS. These designations demand the highest quality standards, and were proud to have achieved those standards, he added.