Thielert Says Purchase Offers Are Promising


Several “well-known investors” have expressed an interest in buying the insolvent Thielert Aircraft Engines company, the company said this week. “In some cases, the offers even exceed initial expectations,” according to company spokesman Sebastian Glaser. “Moreover, in recent weeks a number of other new prospective customers have expressed their interest as well,” Glaser said. “Thus, the deadlines have been accordingly extended.” Once all the bids have been collected, prospective buyers will be given the opportunity to thoroughly examine the company, then, actual purchase negotiations will begin. The company’s statement did not offer a timeline for this process. Meanwhile, Thielert continues to produce diesel engines, and a new order from the U.S. has helped to stabilize the company’s financial situation, according to this week’s statement. “We can offer investors an intact company that is not making losses,” said insolvency administrator Dr. Bruno M. Kubler. “Even if plans are to quickly find an investor, we are not under pressure to sell at an inadequate price.”