Wagstaff Court Date Set


Airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff (or her representative) will appear in court in Oshkosh on Sept. 2 to face two charges relating to the incident on a runway at Wittman Regional Airport July 31. According to court records, Wagstaff is charged with first offense drunken driving and failure to submit to a sobriety test. If the second charge is proven, then it amounts to an automatic conviction on the first. Wagstaff has denied she was impaired by alcohol on that night but does admit to taking a wrong turn and ending up on the runway.

In a statement to AVweb earlier this week, Wagstaff mentioned the lack of physical proof of impairment. “I do deny the allegations,” she told AVweb. ” And, I did not do a breath test, a blood test or a field sobriety test.” EAA security personnel first stopped Wagstaff and three others in her vehicle on the runway and called Winnebago County Sheriffs, who took Wagstaff into custody.