AAA For Airplanes At Sporty’s


Sporty’s has teamed up with Mike Busch’s Savvy Aircraft Maintenance to offer what they call an aviation version of AAA. The Breakdown Assistance Program will give round-the-clock help for pilots who get stuck on a trip with a broken airplane. “Traveling by GA airplane can be one of the most exciting and valuable benefits of your pilot certificate. But an unexpected mechanical can quickly ruin a trip – especially if you’re far from home and it’s late at night or over the weekend,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. Busch said general aviation is the only transportation sector that doesn’t have a breakdown assistance program and the partnership with Sporty’s will fill a void.

When something goes wrong, pilots can phone a toll-free number and will reach an on-duty mechanic who will help troubleshoot and determine if the aircraft is safe to fly. If the plane isn’t airworthy, the pilot will be referred to reputable shops and mechanics in the immediate area. Busch’s company will then oversee the repair process and ensure the repairs are correct and the charges are fair. The cost for a single-engine aircraft is $149 a year and a twin is $199.