First Flight For AVIC Helicopter


The AC312E, a new light twin-engine helicopter developed by the Aviation Industry Corporation of China, has completed its first flight, the company has announced. The helicopter, designed to carry up to nine passengers or more than 1,300 pounds of cargo, is aimed at both the domestic and international markets. It can be used for a variety of missions, including medical assistance, search and rescue, police use and VIP transport. The first flight took place in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, on July 27.

The helicopter is derived from the Harbin Z-9, which was a licensed version of the Aerospatiale Dauphin 2. It can be powered by a choice of French or Chinese engines, according to the AVIC website. Its features include extensive use of composite materials, a low noise level,an integrated flight display system, easy maintenance and low operating cost, according to AVIC.