NavWorx Disputing FAA Rebate Rejection


NavWorx says it is working to resolve an issue with the FAA, which is refusing to process $500 rebate reservations for two models of transceivers the company makes. The agency is telling those who bought ADS600-B 200-0012 and 0013 models that they don’t qualify for the rebate because they are not fully in compliance with FAA TSO 154c that covers certification of ADS-B Out devices. The more expensive devices with model numbers ending in 0112 and 0113 do qualify. The difference appears to be that the GPS receivers in the non-qualifying devices are not TSO’d. NavWorx has told customers it’s entering discussions with the FAA. “We are aware of the issue with some of our products not being listed in the FAA Rebate program,” NavWorx said in a statement to customers.”The rebate team has been making contradictory and false statements about our company and products. We have begun to reach out and communicate with the responsible FAA personnel to rectify the issue. We ask that you give us a week or two at the most it resolved.”

For its part, the FAA has told those who have applied for rebates for the non-qualifying equipment that it has told NavWorx to stop putting the TSO C154C stamp on those transceivers. It also issued and unusual warning to customers who might be tempted to fudge the paperwork. “The FAA cautions that you may be subject to civil or criminal penalties for any knowing and willful misrepresentation in the reservation request or in any other matter or representation related to the reservation,” the agency said in an email to an AVweb reader who applied. The FAA has also said that it will extend the reservation application for those who plan to buy a qualifying system “allowing you additional time to identify a new product and complete the rebate process.”