Trig Introduces VHF Comms, Audio Panel


U.K.-based Trig Avionics has been a go-to company for small radios and transponders that fit into a standard instrument hole and now the company is expanding into the rack-mount market. At the Aircraft Electronics Association Convention in Dallas on Wednesday, Trig announced two panel-mount comm radios with unique features.

The $3070 TY96 is a 10-watt comm while the TY97, at $3870, has 16 watts of output. The radios are standard rack width, but are only 1.3 inches high, making them good choices for experimental and light sport aircraft with constricted panels. Each can have a full stereo intercom for stand-alone installation and a unique “say again” button that plays back the last transmission from ATC. The comms also display frequencies digitally and have one-button emergency frequency tuning.

Competing with Garmin in the GMA340 audio-panel marketspace, Trig also announced the TMA44 and TMA45 audio panels. Both feature stereo entertainment inputs and Bluetooth connectivity for phones and other devices. Both are plug-and-play retrofits for the Garmin GMA340. The two- to four-place TMA44 retails for $1280 and the up-to-six-place TMA45 sells for $2160, and are expected to be available in 2015.