Poll: ALPA Says There’s No Pilot Shortage, Regionals Say There Is. Who’s Right?


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  1. Aviation is not just airlines. ALPA could care less about anything non-airline. Non-career Private Pilots and all Pilots are essential to a “Healthy” Aviation Industry. In many ways a Private Pilot flying for personal reasons is probably more important the an airline pilot at keeping the skies and runways open for everyone.

    Over 30 percent of the countries population should be pilots doing a wide range of air operations not just airlines. Helicopters, Agriculture, Business, Charter, Skydiving, Military, Tours, Medavacs, Photography, Surveying and just personal pleasure $100 hamburger are all necessary to make Aviation a ‘Sustainable’ Industry. Open your eyes, flying is so so much more then an airliner. 😳

    Aviation is a ‘Character Builder’. Pilots require personal behavior disciplines that make for good applicants for leadership positions. All industries could use a higher level of character in their leaders these days.

  2. Probably a shortage right now but that could end very quickly if some of the pundits’ predictions about where the economy is headed in 2023 come to fruition…post this survey in the 3rd qtr 2023 and the results might look entirely different.

  3. “Not enough willing to work for low pay”………….seriously ? Have you seen what some of the regionals are paying now ? You might want to rethink that choice.

  4. And yet the industry stays silent on the even higher shortage of licensed mechanics. The airlines are grabbing every A&P from the aviation schools leaving nothing for the GA small shops. At this rate, with the retirement in the next 10 years (Myself included) there will be a severe shortage of small shops.