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Submissions to our "Picture of the Week" contest continue to trickle in at a reduced rate.  For the second week in a row, we received only a few dozen entries – not uncommon for this time of year.  Fortunately, we ran a selection of holiday-themed photos last week and rolled over those pictures into this week’s competition – allowing us plenty of photos to choose from, including a handful of oh-so-nifty bonus pics.

Interestingly, many of the past couple of weeks’ photos were black-and-whites – and more than a few of those were "vintage" photos readers found in their scrapbooks.  So to kick us off this week, here are three of our favorite black-and-whites … .

Due to privacy issues, AVweb does not publish e-mail addresses of readers who submit photos.


Used with permission of Allan Berg

"Long Beach Glider"
Allan Berg
of Atlantic Beach, New York tells us that’s
"Jerry Ginsberg in the pilot’s seat."  Writes Allan:  "My dad
was about 17 years old at this time in the late 1920s.
He designed and built with a number of friends
while he was in Long Beach (NY) High School."
In case you’re wondering, the glider rose to a
height of three feet when "towed by a cab."

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AVweb continues to receive a large number of excellent images for our POTW contest. Here are some of the runners-up. Click on the links below to view larger versions.

copyright Harold Manzano
Used with permission of Ernest Manzano

"Bell 430 at the Dominican Republic
Presidential Palace 2005"
Ernest Manzano
of Miami, Florida
reminds us why we like black-and-white
photos so much – not to mention helicopters.

Used with permission of James W. McCoy

“Off-Field Repair, 1933"
Like Allan Berg above,
James W. McCoy
of Houston, Texas
also owes his "POTW" success to his dad.
The elder Mr. McCoy was on the crew that
recovered the wreckage from this crash
near Cherokee, Wyoming in 1933.

Bonus Pictures

A few last-minute pictures
to wave goodbye to 2005.

Used with permission of George Mock

"On Guard"
George Mock of Windsor, Ontario (Canada) kept
us up-to-date on the move of the Lancaster FM212
that used to adorn Dieppe Park in Windsor.
Now he treats us to a shot of the replacement,
a replica Spitfire that keeps watch over the Detroit River.

Used with permission of Brian Bixler

"Another Great Day at SXM"
We’ve gotten lots of low-approach photos
since Natalia Anemodoura’s shot of LGKR
on Corfu Island, Greecea few weeks ago.
Brian Bixler
of Redmond, Washington joins the club
with this so-close-you-can-feel-the-breeze photo from
SXM on St. Maarten Island.  "You can drink your beer,
hang out on the beach, and get a free airshow every day!"
writes Brian.  Sounds like our kind of place!

copyright Robbie Culver
Used with permission

Robbie Culver of Waukegan, Illinois
shot this photo at Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport
recently and "thought it was appropriate for the season."
Though it gives us an unpleasant chill, we’ve gotta agree.
Thanks, Robbie!

Used with permission of Kevin Korterud

"Santa’s Warbird Sleigh"
In response tolast week‘s many flying Santa photos,
Kevin Korterud
of Norcross, Georgia shows us a, um,
different kind of holiday spirit.  He tells us that Santa’s warbird
is actually on loan from members of the Dixie Wing of the
Commemorative Air Force.  If you haven’t followed our links.
to the CAF in the past, be sure to check outDixie Wing.

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A Reminder About Copyrights: Please take a moment to consider the source of your image before submitting to our “Picture of the Week” contest. If you did not take the photo yourself, ask yourself if you are indeed authorized to release publication rights to AVweb. If you’re uncertain, consult thePOTW Rules orsend us an e-mail.