Europe Backs ASTM Light Plane Certification Plan


The standards organization ASTM says both the European Commission and European Aviation Safety Agency have endorsed a “global initiative to modernize the way smaller airplanes are certified.” ASTM says the CS23/Part 23 Reorganization is a blueprint for the world’s aviation authorities to bring their certification standards up to date and it was unveiled at meeting hosted by ASTM and the General Aviation Manufacturers Association in Brussels in September. “The purposes of the initiative are cutting the cost and increasing the safety of general aviation airplanes and technology,” ASTM said in a news release. There was no mention of FAA endorsement in the release.

ASTM’s Committee F44 on General Aviation Aircraft is developing the 16 basic standards that form the basis of the new regulatory regime. The thrust is to make it cheaper and easier for manufacturers to incorporate the latest technology, materials and processes in new aircraft. “As the European general aviation community looks for a better approach to regulation, the European Commission and the European Aviation Safety Agency have identified the work of ASTM F44 to be a key component in the revitalization of general aviation in Europe,” said GAMA spokesman Gregory J. Bowles. It’s hoped the initiative will lead to a global set of certification standards for light aircraft that is universally recognized by aviation authorities.