GA Hides From Irma


As Hurricane Irma raged up the west coast of Florida, images of the storm were pouring from news sites and it’s inevitable that aircraft and airports will have suffered from the onslaught. For instance, there was a report Sunday that the roof was torn off the fire station at Naples Airport.There will be coverage of that in coming days. But in advance of the storm, the story was about how aircraft owners and operators were preparing and some were pretty creative. The packed hangar award has to go to SunState Aviation in Kissimmee, which wedged dozens of its training aircraft into a single hangar with some creative arrangement as the photo shows.

Many of those who didn’t have shelter for their aircraft fled north and airports across Georgia and Alabama were opening their fields to Irma refugees. It’s not clear how much safer they’ll be there, however. Irma may still be a hurricane when it hits that area and late Sunday it appeared Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta would be affected by the storm, no doubt adding to the hundreds of flights already canceled by the storm.