Marines Run Errands In Attack Helicopters


Days after a Navy E/A-18 crew decided to use government aircraft to draw a contrail phallus in the sky, two Marine Corps crews flew a Bell AH-1W Super Cobra and Bell UH-1Y Venom across town to pick up a cellphone left in a pub, according to the Mount Desert Islander. The local paper reports that a caller phoned the Thirsty Whale in Bar Harbor, Maine, on Saturday asking if someone from the restaurant would be willing to ferry a cellphone, left behind at lunch, over to the town baseball field. Server Jess Witherell told the Islander that the caller ID reported that the call came from nearby Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport.

Dishwasher Bryce Lambert drove to the field and handed the cellphone over to one of Super Cobra crew, who gave him a unit patch, then departed. The Islander reports that the crew seemed to be from a Marine Corps helicopter unit stationed in New Jersey. AVweb calls to the Marine Corps press office for a statement went unanswered.