Unruly Pax May Have To Pay Fuel Bill


Aggressive conduct by a passenger on a Sunwing flight caused the pilots to turn the aircraft around and return to Canada. The plane was intercepted by U. S. military aircraft during that turnaround last July. The man, Charalobos Nassios from Montreal, is due to be sentenced April 18. He plead guilty to charges of assault, mischief and uttering threats during the flight. The return flight was accompanied by two F-15 U.S. Air Force jets.

Last week the prosecutor agreed to a suspended sentence but did ask for more than $17,450 in damages for fuel, landing fees, overtime salaries and hotel costs for the 170 passengers on board the flight that had to be accommodated. Nassios has already served 112 days in preventive detention last year, according to a CTV report.

Prosecutors are seeking three years’ probation and want Nassios to hand over all travel documents and not be allowed to leave Quebec during those three years. His defense lawyer objected, calling it “excessive,” and said Nassios was in a state of financial ruin and wasn’t able to find work. A Quebec court judge has begun his deliberations after hearing both parties.