Instrument Flight

Third Landing Mixup At SFO »

An Aeromexico Boeing 737 lined up for the wrong runway at San Francisco International Airport last week in the third landing miscue at SFO in six months. More

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Radio On Wrong Frequency In... »

The pilot who landed an Air Canada A320 at San Francisco Airport in October after being ordered to go around told FAA investigators the radio was set to the... More

Airliner Veers Off... »

Turkish authorities say they still aren’t sure why a Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737 suddenly veered left at the end of its landing run and ended up hanging... More

Facing Lake Effect Conditions »

In addition to demanding we get through icing layers quickly, winter weather can force us to consider strategies we wouldn’t use in summer. More

Flying IFR in the Mountains »

It’s the time of year when many are planning a flight to their favorite winter resort. Here are a few items to consider in addition to a good ski wax. More

IFR Practice Approaches »

You and your safety pilot always need to have the same plan in mind, but you also can fly them solo when conditions are right. More

Night Disorientation »

Only days out of training a young pilot was seduced by the black hole syndrome that has claimed too many unwary flyers. More