Exclusive Video: Cirrus The-Jet — First Flight

July 3, 2008, Cirrus Design marked the first flight of its jet offering. The aircraft, currently dubbed "The-Jet" successfully flew for 45 minutes. (Click through to watch.)

Exclusive Video: Inside Diamond’s D-Jet Personal Jet Aircraft

With new personal jets popping up all the time, AVweb takes a look at what may very well be the next certified single-engine very light or personal jet to enter the market. Diamond's D-Jet is expected next year to earn its type certificate, and that's when the company hopes to make first deliveries. Diamond recently announced plans to upgrade the aircraft with Garmin's G1000 Synthetic Vision package and the Williams FJ33-19 powerplant - offering 20 percent more thrust and a 4,000-hour TBO. AVweb's Glenn Pew offers this look inside.

Video of the Week: AIR22 Helicopters Flying Inside the Box

We're often amazed at the precision and care with which helicopter pilots carry out certain tasks, especially those who perform power-line maintenance. AVweb reader Adam Hunt reminded us of the many pilots who exercise tremendous skill and control as part of their work day, and we spent the rest of the afternoon surfing the web, watching these guys in action. Here's one of our favorite clips, from YouTube user FlyingLineman, depicting a pilot working in a tight spot, "inside the box." (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Float Plane Takeoff from a Moving Trailer

While we certainly don't recommend this, it does make for an interesting video. Lee Hilbert and Scott Ross found themselves with a Cessna 120 (O-290) on Edo floats miles from the nearest lake, and rather than tow it to the water, they came up with an interesting solution to get the Cessna airborne. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Air Show Fly Over Grinds to a Halt in Heavy...

Our latest "Video of the Week" is one that's actually been sent to us several times over the last few months, especially when high winds and difficult landings take the spotlight here on AVweb. And to be honest, we're a little surprised to discover that we haven't shared this one yet, so here goes - heavy winds bring an air show fly-over to a seeming standstill, much to the delight of the crowd below. (Click through to watch.)

Video of the Week: Twin Otter Landing on a Frozen Lake

We see so many videos of pilots making mistakes and living with the consequences that it's always a pleasure to share a video of pilots dealing well with harsh conditions and guiding an airplane to a graceful (if challenging) landing. With that in mind, our latest "Video of the Week" stars a Twin Otter (along with her skis and, of course, her pilot) landing on a snow-covered frozen lake. (Click through to watch.)

Exclusive Video: B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber Crash Technical Report

The crash on takeoff of a 509th Air Wing, Air Force B-2 Spirit bomber, February 23 operating at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, was caused by water in the aircraft's sensors, according to an Air Combat report issued Thursday. Specifically, moisture in three port transducer units "distorted data introduced by a B-2 Spirit's air data system" which led to flawed information entering the bomber's flight control computers. The aircraft was reacting to inaccurate airspeed and a "perceived" negative angle of attack. This resulted in an "uncommanded 30 degree nose-high pitch-up on takeoff," according to the Air Force. (Click through to watch our video crash report.)

Video of the Week: Red Bull Air Race Detroit – Practice Laps

With the Red Bull Air Races hitting Detroit, let's take a few moments to watch some practice laps, courtesy of our friends at Red Bull. (Click through to watch.)

Bonus Video! Aviation Consumer Tries Out the Aspen Avionics Evolution PFD at Sun ‘n...

Aspen's new certified glass panel "Evolution" display updates older "steam gauge" cockpits and offers a low cost cost easily expandable option for pilots seeking a more capable cockpit instrument panel.

Exclusive Video: Cirrus Surprise – Garmin EFIS Option

Although EBACE isn't the usual venue for major light aircraft announcements, Cirrus rolled one out here in Geneva nonetheless in the form of a new model called the Cirrus Perspective, which sports some airframe upgrades but-the real stunner-a new, upgraded version of Garmin's popular G1000 EFIS system. We went to Duluth last week for an advance look at the Perspective. (Click through to watch the video.)
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