AirVenture 2021: Diamond’s New DA50 RG Debuts At Oshkosh

At AirVenture 2021, Diamond Aircraft debuted its new DA50 single for the North American market. The airplane has a Continental CD300 diesel...

AirVenture 2021: PilotEye AI Vision System

Avidyne Corporation is teaming up with artificial intelligence (AI) software company Daedalean to develop, manufacture and certify AI-based airborne systems for aviation....

AirVenture 2021: Hamilton Motor Company Aircraft Climate

Hamilton Motor Company is showing off its new Aircraft Climate portable air conditioner for general aviation aircraft at AirVenture 2021. AVweb talked...

Aithre’s Biometrics Products At AirVenture

Aithre started as a fresh exhibitor in the Innovations building at AirVenture a couple of years ago with some smart products for...

AirVenture 2021: GAMI G100 Fuel In Detail

At AirVenture 2021, General Aviation Modifications was awarded an STC for its unleaded 100-octane fuel. Here's an interview with GAMI's George Braly and Tim Roehl and Craig Sincock of AVfuel explaining the details

Icon Aircraft At AirVenture 2021

In an effort boost international sales, Icon Aircraft said it plans to certify its A5 amphib in the primary category later this...

Arriving At AirVenture 2021

A steady stream of aircraft are landing at Wittman Field for EAA's AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Here's a look at some...

AirVenture 2021: Golf Cart Driveby Preview

AirVenture is back! Here's AVweb's golf cart preview of some of the things you might see at the show.

Garmin Smart Glide Debuts At AirVenture

Autonomi is Garmin's smart autonomous tech for GA airplanes and among other features includes emergency Autoland, and now a trickle-down feature called...

Cirrus Vision Jet G2+ Flight Demo

As it has with its SR piston line, Cirrus Aircraft has been making incremental upgrades to its SF-50 Vision Jet, which include...

Gen. Charles McGee: A Remembrance

Gen. Charles McGee of the famed Tuskegee Airman died last week at 102. As anyone who met him will recall, he led a long life of dignified, quiet heroism.

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AVweb Classic: Reviewing The Cirrus CAPS Record

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