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Each week in "Short Final," we select the strangest, funniest, or most unusual thing AVweb readers have heard over the radio -- either from other pilots or coming directly from the Air Traffic Control (ATC) tower. Click through to listen in on this week's winner. More

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Spring brings with it the beginnings of rough air season, especially in mountainous terrain. This recent PIREP near Jeffco Airport (BJC) in Colorado puts it... More

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While traveling into Valdez, Alaska for the annual fly-in and STOL competition, a couple of planes were trying to hurry in before the airspace closed for... More

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I’ve owned five different airplanes over the past 25 years and recently purchased a Piper Meridian. I was on an Angel Flight with a buddy who had flown... More

Short Final »

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport has intersecting runways. Runway 7/25 handles all of the airlines and most private jets while the parallel 15/33 pair is for... More

Short Final »

A couple of relevant PIREPs from the East Coast noreaster on March 2 … AVL UUA /OV AVL170002/TM 1720/FL001/TP CRJ9/WV +15-20KTS/RM LIKE A BULL RIDE... More

Short Final »

ATC: Cessna XXXX, traffic is going to be an HH-60 departing to the North at 1,700 … Me: Roger, we are looking for the traffic now … Pause: …... More