Short Final

Short Final: A Gentleman And A Scholar »

I was flying over central Kansas when I overheard Center clear a jet pilot “direct destination.” The pilot, grateful, confirmed the clearance and added the compliment, “You’re a gentleman and a scholar.” More

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Short Final: In Your Dreams »

The Naval Air Station at Belle Chase regularly uses New Iberia, LA (KARA) as a refueling stop. I was flying my Piper PA-32 into KARA to get fuel for myself... More

Short Final: Squawk Time »

My student and I were nearing the Class C airspace at Palm Beach International airport (KPBI). We asked for clearance... More

Short Final: Capital Idea! »

Toward the end of my flight, I had the following exchange with air traffic control... More

Short Final: Pop The Chute »

I heard the following somewhere over Kentucky... More

Short Final: It's Been Done »

I recently heard this at Detroit Metropolitan Airport... More

Short Final: Freezing Level »

After I heard a GA pilot expressing concern about getting into icing conditions, I responded to air traffic control ... More