Short Final

Short Final: A Gentleman And A Scholar »

I was flying over central Kansas when I overheard Center clear a jet pilot “direct destination.” The pilot, grateful, confirmed the clearance and added the compliment, “You’re a gentleman and a scholar.” More

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Heading north from Santa Monica to Oakland and approaching San Jose, I heard the following... More

Short Final: Phraseology »

It’s always better at home when your flying spouse knows proper ATC phraseology... More

Short Final: Going Fishing »

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Short Final: Ready For... »

I was preparing for some instrument and maneuvering practice with my instructor, Andy. Sitting in the apron area in a Cessna 172 with the engine running, I... More

Short Final: Class C Workout »

Peoria Approach: “I bet you didn’t think you were going to get this type of workout when you asked for the clearance into the Class Charlie, did... More