Sun ‘n Fun’s Resident Black Diamond Plus Mig-17s


The Black Diamond high-performance, high-precision jet team is based at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport and mixes Air Force, Navy and civilian pilots flying L-39s and Polish-made Mig-17s (one Lim-5 and one Lim-6). The team’s two civilian pilots include the CEO of its main sponsor, Harbortouch, a touchscreen point-of-sale system. Its Air Force component includes former Thunderbird team members and its Navy component includes a former Top Gun instructor. Together the team will challenge any other for tightest formation flying today and the Migs may be the only two in the country currently flying regular performances together as part of a larger team.

AVweb interviewed team lead Lt. Colonel Jerry “Jive” Kerby and Dale “Snort” Snodgrass in this video, which includes in-cockpit video of the team’s performance.