Taylor Swift Sells Falcon Ahead Of Super Bowl Flight (Corrected)


Taylor Swift has sold the Dassault Falcon 900LX she’s used for touring. Could it be to impress her boyfriend? The Falcon has racked up plenty of hours getting her and up to 11 of her closest friends from concert to concert and home to Tennessee but there’s one important date it can’t make. Swift’s much-discussed “time travel” after her show in Tokyo next Saturday to see boyfriend Travis Kelce in the Super Bowl is beyond the 4750 nm range of the tri-engine bizjet. It’s 5,200nm from Tokyo to LAS. The other knock on the 900 is that Kelce can’t stand up in it on flights they take together. Cabin height is 6’2″ and Kelce is 6’5.

The deal for the 900 went through on Jan. 30 according to the FAA registry and the aircraft was bought by a Missouri LLC. Of course, there are plenty of charter options that would get Swift to Vegas in plenty of time but if she wants to break in a new mount for the time-critical mission, any number of bizjet OEMs would be happy to help. She seems happy with Dassault (she also has 7X) and would have one choice if intercontinental travel and preventing Kelce from bumping his head are priorities. The Falcon 10x, which is under development, can make Tokyo-Vegas with 2500 nm to spare and would give Kelce three inches of headroom. The 8X would do in a pinch, however. It will cover the distance but Kelce will have to stoop to get to his seat in the 74-inch cabin on any future flights.

An earlier version of this story incorrectely described the Falcon 10x as newly-certified. In fact it is still under development. We regret the error.

Russ Niles
Russ Niles is Editor-in-Chief of AVweb. He has been a pilot for 30 years and joined AVweb 22 years ago. He and his wife Marni live in southern British Columbia where they also operate a small winery.


  1. The 10X is not certified. In fact it hasn’t even flown or been rolled out. The 6X, however, was certified in 2023.

  2. Hmmm. I would have thought something with a cargo door to make it easier to load the occasional pallet or two of cash as necessary.

  3. I am going to sell my G500 because the carpet has a small stain at the entrance. Maybe something bigger without the stain.

  4. Well the RICH GET RICHER and us poor folk get the s**t end of the stick, it’s sad when there are big problems in our country and the world. I say let’s get rid of the rich and divide all the money to us, we would all live very comfortable, that’s all I want don’t want to be rich.

    • Wow, that’s really sad. I think if you look backwards in history you will find it doesn’t work. Also, if you do the math, your cut won’t be worth much. If you ask an economist, they can explain that the upheaval caused by your plan will certainly result in you having a less materially good outcome than if we didn’t do that. The cash you will get, will not be able to get you more stuff because the economy will have been affected adversely.

      Personally, I don’t buy her records, but I don’t see how it should matter to me if people buy enough of them that she can afford a jet. I do wish we could all give appropriate attention to the non talent aspects of famous people’s lives, but I don’t know how to make that happen, so I’ll do other things.

      • Hold on a sec. So the top 2% control half of the world’s wealth, while the 10% control 85% of the world’s wealth, and you’re telling us that we wouldn’t get anything if that wealth was evenly redistributed? This sounds you’re part of that bunch or got a paid endorsement by them.

    • Its called capitalism. And Taylor Swift earned that money and has a right to spend it how she wants. Our country is this way because of democracy

      • I was unaware that capitalism is a direct result of democracy. Are you saying we can’t have one without the other?

    • Rule by the people. Bottom line it’s her money to spend as she wishes. I think having the extremely wealthy pay their share of taxes would be great and would solve a lot of problems. Once you earn a certain income you don’t pay into SS anymore but still get the full amount when your retired.

  5. That sounds like a nice problem to have. If she has a billon dollars and a tall boyfriend, the poor girl needs to do SOMETHING.

  6. I seem to recall seeing somewhere, several years ago, that Taylor Swift wanted to re-register her first Dassault as N13TS (13 being her “lucky number”), but that N number was not available. At the time, it belonged to an Albee Sport biplane around Palm Beach, Florida.

    But wait! What’s this? Per the FAA registry today, N13TS is now “expired” … and is listed as “reserved” since February 4, 2023. By whom? Reserving Party Name is only given as “cancelled/not assigned” with no accompanying address.

    My guess is that it’ll reappear on whatever Ms Swift decides to get as a bigger set of wings. Maybe one of Boeing’s business jet version of the 737-900 Max with an advertised range of 6,600 miles. Beoing could use the positive PR…

  7. What’s the problem with a quick stop for fuel at ANC or HNL or even BFI? Her schedule allows enough time for a stop. And the 4750 range number, is that NBAA, or is it sales figures, or is it 80/20? Slow down a few mach numbers and I’m sure you’d see another several hundred miles from the Falcon.
    Now as to all the $$ she’s raking in, to a certain extent we need big corporations and the wealthy if we want a robust bizjet industry. But wouldn’t you prefer old school wealth that buys struggling companies and gets them going again.? If the wealthy just spend their money on bunkers and stock buybacks that doesn’t help anyone.

  8. The “poor” Albee Sport biplane owner around Palm Beach, Florida now has a new beach house. Thanks Taylor.

    • A friend recently paid $15,000 to buy the “N11CE” number for his new plane. I also heard that Nike paid some lucky recipient over a million bucks for the “N1KE” number some years back. Both just peanuts compared to the prices paid for certain web addresses back in the early 2000’s.

      • …and my friend, colleague, and Kitfox builder Nigel Moll managed to get N16EL. For some reason, the paint shop left a small gap in the loop of the 6 :).

  9. Wow, sure a lot of haters weighing in today! (TS song reference 😁) Personally I don’t begrudge her the wealth she has amassed. She is a talented performer and a smart business woman who has made her fortune with hard work and that talent. It isn’t daddy’s money and she is not some worthless rich heiress. I am pretty sure that the NFL loves the attention, as does the TV network televising the game. Besides, it is a welcome distraction from all the political insanity and wars going on right now.

  10. If she dated me, she could keep the shorter-height plane and she wouldn’t have to go to the Super Bowl — but I do have a killer girlfriend already.

  11. No matter what anyone thinks of rich persons, keep this in mind. Those rich persons are what keeps myself and others employed as charter/pt91 pilots, along with thousands of ground support personnel who insure those trips rich persons do go off safely and without problems. I’m sure Ms Swift has either staff or has paid a charter company to ensure she can make that overseas flight nonstop to Las Vegas so she can watch her boyfriend in the Super Bowl. Now do I care about what Ms Swift does, not really!