Adam Hosts Online Seminar


You’ve seen it all over the aviation press and you’ve heard it’s a new airplane that’s apparently all that it’s cracked up to be. Now’s your chance to find out for yourself and pose your toughest questions to the president of the company. On Wednesday, starting at 2 p.m. Eastern, Adam Aircraft CEO Rick Adam will host a 30-minute online interactive seminar on his company’s A500 piston twin. The innovative centerline-thrust twin is well into its test-flight program and Adam is anxious to share the results with anyone with an Internet connection. Adam will give a presentation followed by questions and answers. Among the topics are the aircraft’s development and assembly status, certification, delivery plans, options and demonstration flight availability. Of course, Adam will also be happy to discuss the numbers resulting from more than 100 hours of test flights. Turns out, the A500 will cruise at 250 KTAS at 22,000 feet and 75-percent power over a range, with IFR reserve, of 1020 nm. Sea-level maximum climb rate is 1,800 fpm and single-engine climb is 400 fpm at sea level. There’s lots more to find out so hear it from the man himself by signing up for the seminar.