Airports Vs. Parks: Florida Wins, Chicago Keeps Trying


Voters in St. Petersburg, Fla., made it clear on Tuesday that they like their little local airport, even preferring it to a proposed waterfront park. Three-quarters of those casting ballots voted to keep Albert Whitted Airport open, often citing fondness for the airport and respect for its historical value as their reasons, according to the St. Petersburg Times. But the vote also reflected a widespread fear that turning the airport into parkland was simply an intermediate step to building yet more condos on the site. Meanwhile, the never-say-die Friends of Meigs are floating a proposal to include — guess what? — an airport in the new park planned for Meigs Field. The group says that since the Chicago Park District has asked for public input on the park design, well, here you go. Friends of Meigs has come up with a detailed 32-page plan that includes space for nature trails, picnic areas, fishing and scuba diving, as well as an Air Museum and an operating airport.