Court Takes Airplane In Plea Bargain


For Alaska pilot Bob Logan, his Super Cub is quite literally his ticket to freedom, according to the Anchorage Daily News. In what can only be described as an unusual plea arrangement, Logan, a former Fairbanks assemblyman, college professor as well as bootlegger and drug runner has turned the plane over to the State in exchange for a lighter sentence. In exchange for the plane, Logan has been guaranteed he’ll spend a maximum of nine months in jail for using the plane to take booze and , allegedly, drugs to Barrow, a community (known as a damp village) that heavily restricts the sale of alcohol. Logan didn’t always export his wares, however. He also pleaded no contest to drug trafficking charges in his hometown of Fairbanks and could face up to two years in jail for that charge. In the meantime, there could be a Super Cub for sale by the State of Alaska, presumably after a thorough cleaning.