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Volume 25, Number 37a
September 10, 2018
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AOPA Nall Report: Accident Rates Drop Again
Kate O'Connor
Both overall and fatal accident rates in general aviation have reached a 10-year low according to the AOPA Air Safety Institute’s Joseph T. Nall Report. Report data showed fatal crashes decreasing to just 0.84 per 100,000 hours.
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Aireon Casts A Net
Mary Grady
With tracking satellites in place, no place on Earth remains unknown. While that may make a truly lost aircraft a thing of the past, it also diminishes the mystery of exploration.
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The Strange But True Story of the Cornfield Bomber
Glenn Pew
AVweb blogger Paul Berge recently observed--only half in jest--that an airplane would land itself if left unattended. It has happened, as this AVweb classic video shows. The incident, which occurred in 1970, has become known as the Cornfield Bomber. After the pilot ejected because he couldn't recover from a flat spin, the airplane righted itself and landed in a cornfield. It was recovered, repaired and flew again. This video details one of the most bizarre incidents in aviation history.
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Lycoming 'When can an engine give you 200 
extra flying hours?'
Japan Embraces VTOL Development
Russ Niles
While most countries are taking a regulatory approach to VTOLs and other “flying car” technology, Japan is making their development a government priority.
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Drone Encounters Boost Separation Incidents
Russ Niles
The U.K.’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) says drone encounters accounted for almost the entire 58 percent increase in air proximity reports (airproxes) in the past five years.
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F-16 Plant May Move To India
Russ Niles
Lockheed Martin has reached a deal to shift production of F-16 wings to India, sparking speculation it might be planning to build the entire aircraft there in the near future.
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Overloaded Plane Crash Kills 19 In South Sudan
Russ Niles
Officials in South Sudan say an overloaded aircraft (type unknown) crashed into a river in the central part of the country, killing 19 of the 23 aboard.
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Top Letters And Comments, September 7, 2018
This week's letters brought comments from readers about Dynon's new installation policy, low-octane avgas and Goodyear's Wingfoot Three.
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Short Final: Number One For Takeoff
A long time ago, I taxied my Cessna 182RG to St. Louis Lambert Field Runway 12L. I was first to the runway. There were about 18 Teenie Weenie Airlines (TWA) planes lined up on the taxiway for Runway 12R. An F-18 appeared from the McDonnell Douglas facility on the north side of the field.
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Picture of the Week, September 6, 2018
Flying over the mountains of the North Island of New Zealand with my friend in a rental Cessna 172. Taken with a Lumix camera. Copyrighted photo by Glen Towler.
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Gone But Not Forgotten
Bo Henriksson
The Area Forecast (FA) has gone the way of the Dodo bird, and the reason is easy to guess. Like the bird, it has been upstaged and outdated. While a positive move, sometimes when we simplify things we may miss some essentials.
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