Short Final: Turbulence


On a recent flight home, we were cruising along at 7,000 feet in good weather, except for the occasional encounter with the very top of a cumulus cloud. Knowing my wife is not a fan of any amount of turbulence, I asked ATC for a climb to 9,000.

ATC replied, “That’s approved. What’s the reason for the altitude change? I had another guy at 7,000 who asked to descend, but didn’t say why.”

I explained that we were just at the tops of the clouds and wanted to climb to get out of the bumps. A few minutes later, another pilot came on frequency requesting to descend to 7,000.

ATC advised him, “Several other pilots have asked to leave that altitude due to turbulence.”

The other pilot replied, “I heard them, but we’re bored and want to see what all the fuss is about.”

I can only assume he was not flying with his turbulence‑averse significant other.

Steven Walter
Lexington, KY