SMA: Plans For SR305 Diesel


The French-built SR305-230 is currently flying in several testbed aircraft, including a Cessna 182, Maule MX-9, and Piper Arrow. SMA expects to have STC approval for installation in the Cessna by fall. Including engine, prop, new cowling, engine mount and instruments, the update will sell for $77,000. SMA predicts traditional Skylane speeds on just 9 gallons per hour of Jet A. Current TBO is 2000 hours, but the company plans to expand that to 3000 hours with a predicted overhaul cost of $20,000 to $25,000. What’s more, SMA is developing a higher-horsepower of the same engine–without changing the displacement or number of cylinders–to produce 310 horsepower at 2400 engine rpm. The 230-hp version tops out at 2200 rpm.