Cash, Gold And A GV: Congo Situation Resolved


Passengers and flight crew of an Arcadia Aviation-managed Gulfstream V held against their will in the Democratic Republic of Congo since Feb. 4 have been released after an investigation by authorities there. The event began with reports that attached the flight to a business transaction involving significant quantities of gold and cash. That was followed by reports that the crew and passengers had been stopped on the runway and directed from the aircraft at gunpoint, by officials. The copilot and flight attendant had been freed earlier, and with the rest of the participants heading home, Arcadia is now calling the event a “misunderstanding.”

In the end, no charges were filed against any of the passengers or crew, all were released and by now, most should be home. Arcadia, which operates long-range, large-cabin international flights, was directly involved in supporting its client. The company says it worked with authorities in the U.S. and Congo to work toward the release and return of passengers, crew and aircraft. Resolution involved the U.S. State Department’s Overseas Citizens Service and Arcadia was not quick to provide further details.