L-3 Infrared STC’d for King Air C90


L-3 has earned STC and PMA approvals for its IRIS infrared imaging enhanced vision system aboard King Air C90 twin turboprops. “The King Air C90 STC is just the beginning,” said L-3 Avionics president Adrienne Stevens. The company is currently working toward installation and certification for many different platforms. According to L-3, the current STC applies to the KMD 850 disp lay/IRIS pairing, but the company says it is actively seeking to expand display options. The IRIS enhanced vision sensor is able to display real-time grayscale imaging and enhances visibility “of almost any object, day or night,” according to L-3, to the tune of 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The IRIS’ technology is immune to solar radiation and provides continuously calibrated imaging, without interruption, according to L-3. The camera is priced at $15,000.