More Power To The Caravan


Innovation continues even in tough times and Texas Turbine Conversions has received supplementary type certificate (STC) approval to install Honeywell TPE331-12JR engines on all Cessna 208B Caravans. The Honeywell engine puts out 1,100 horsepower but is flat rated to 900 shaft horsepower in the Caravan application, called the Supervan 900. They can replace Pratt and Whitney PT6A-114 (600 horsepower) or PT6A-114A (675 horsepower) that come from the factory. Adding all that power brings predictable performance boosts (shorter takeoff, double the climb rate, higher cruise speed) and it may also enhance safety. “Another great benefit is more horsepower available in icing conditions,” said Texas Turbines President Bobby Bishop.

Bishop has shown the conversion at every major aviation show over the past few years and has orders waiting for the souped up Caravan. He said the extra power makes a good aircraft even better and claims the $625,000 conversion will be repaid through lower operating costs and fuel savings. Texas Turbine Conversions has specialized in putting the Honeywell engines in deHavilland Otters and Bishop says the Caravan conversion will “breathe new life and new markets into an already great aircraft.”