NTSB Docket On 737 Overrun Open To Public


The NTSB has concluded the evidence-gathering phase of its investigation into the accident involving an Eastern Airlines Boeing 737-700 that ran off the end of Runway 22 at La Guardia Airport on the evening of Oct. 27, carrying then-vice presidential candidate Mike Pence and members of his campaign staff. There were no injuries. Materials collected by the NTSB in furtherance of the investigation are available for viewing by the public on the NTSB’s website, including the cockpit voice recorder transcript, crew interviews and site photos. Although NTSB final accident reports, sometimes colloquially referred to as probable-cause reports, are not admissible in air accident litigation, the factual material collected by the NTSB can be used in court and by private citizens making an independent conclusion about an accident’s cause.

It was raining heavily at the time of the accident, and the aircraft eventually came to a stop off the right side of the runway in the grass after touching down about 3,000 feet past the threshold. The first officer told NTSB investigators that the captain told him the first officer was trying to make the last runway exit. The captain told NTSB investigators he thought it would be safer to turn than continue straight down the runway. Both reported trying to steer the aircraft at the same time without a positive transfer of controls.