Put More Stuff In Your Standard King Air


As with many Beech or Raytheon products, there is a thriving aftermarket taking advantage of things customers would like to have in their aircraft but which weren’t included when it left the factory floor. When it comes improving or customizing Beech’s venerable, 40-year-old King Air fleet, Raisbeck Engineering has been one of the most prolific purveyors of modifications. Now, Raytheon will offer Raisbeck’s popular nacelle wing lockers as standard equipment on factory-fresh King Air 350s, starting with serial number FL-402. The lockers, long an option on new King Airs, join Raisbeck’s Dual Aft Body Strakes, which went standard on the 350 production line with serial number FL-312. “Our Wing Lockers have been chosen as optional equipment on most new 350s for some time now. Raytheon Aircraft felt it would be more expedient for the purchaser and more efficient for their manufacturing process to standardize,” said Randall Deal, director of marketing for Raisbeck Engineering. “The King Air is so successful because of its constant refinement,” said Randy Groom, president – Beechcraft Division. “By adding the Raisbeck nacelle lockers, we are increasing the aircrafts loading flexibility, as well as its operational capability. The King Airs versatility just keeps growing.”