Sun ‘n Fun’s Serious Side


It’s probably not a coincidence that the guts of the FAA’s proposal to impose user fees came out when much of the GA population was dodging the winter, but spring is here and you can expect a major push against the plan starting at Sun ‘n Fun this week in Lakeland, Fla. AOPA is launching a anti-user-fee petition campaign at the official start to the air show season. AOPA President Phil Boyer will hold a pilot town hall meeting at Lakeland April 19, and you can guess what the major topic will be. But while all that is to be expected, theres opposition to the funding proposal coming from a variety of quarters, some of it substantial. Nothing less than the State of Alaska is ready to battle the proposal via a formal resolution from the state legislature. The resolution, sponsored by state Rep. Kyle Johansen, is expected to be taken up soon and, given the mood up there, it seems sure to pass. A group representing a broad cross section of the cities, towns, charitable groups and businesses that might be affected by the proposal has formed, calling itself the Alliance for Aviation Across America, and the National Association of Counties has also chimed in.