Volocopter Expands Flight Testing


In a new video posted online this week, eVolo shows the latest unmanned flight tests of its VTOL electric-powered Volocopter. The tests, which took place in Germany last month, demonstrated various dynamic flight maneuvers at higher speeds for the first time. “These test flights did not only serve as a presentation of possible flight dynamics,” the company said in a news release. “The actual goal was to gain important knowledge in order to optimize the current developments of the new prototype for serial production. This included determining the VC200’s power requirements during different flight maneuvers and at different speed levels.”

The flight characteristics of the aircraft can be predetermined by altering the parameters in the control software, the company said. “The goal is to program the future series-produced Volocopter as a sporty and agile aircraft while also preventing unsafe flight maneuvers, no matter how aggressively the pilot operates the joystick,” according to the news release. Based on the evaluation of the data gained during the flight tests, eVolo said, they can now optimally decide on the next steps for further development and test flights of the Volocopter.