NORSEE Approval For Levils BOM


The FAA has approved Levil Aviation’s Broadcasting Outer Module (BOM) avionics pod for installation on certified aircraft as a secondary source of flight data under the Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment program. The BOM is a fully wireless avionics system; its battery is charged by a slipstream-powered generator and it transmits flight data to the pilot’s tablet via Wi-Fi connection. “We are super excited about this product, we have worked very hard to make this as innovative and forward thinking as possible,” says Levil GM Ananda Leon. “I can’t wait to see what this product does to the world of aviation.”

The system includes a GPS sensor for position, AHRS for attitude, ADS-B In traffic and weather, angle of attack information, derived wind speed and direction and flight data logging. Levil advertises the BOM for $1,295 without ADS-B In and $1,595 with ADS-B In. Levil first demoed the BOM in April this year at Sun ‘n Fun, and says it will start shipping pre-order units this year.