Poll: Will You Ask Your FBO To Provide GAMI’s G100UL Fuel?


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  1. At my airport, one runway has been closed 10? years. I know it’s not up to the FBO to fix this. However, I would think it to be more of a pressing issue than the fuel situation. We always have some kind and type of gasoline.

  2. My airport KSOP doesn’t even have self-service fuel! I’ve asked for that and to offer Mogas in it. I’ve suggested they permit private investors to pay for everything and pay the airport rent on the tiny piece of ramp this requires. Since they are a government facility they have no interest in doing anything that makes business sense, especially for sport aviation.

  3. I’ve used and blended all sorts of race fuels for some very exotic and high output engines. While I’m not a petro-engineer, I am a very experienced user of alternate fuels. I’m particularly excited about the Gami unleaded. Gami’s use of an Amine octane booster is interesting to me, and should result in very clean combustion chambers, with far less carbon buildup. I expect Gami’s fuel to be an improvement over 100LL in just about every way.