MyGoFlight Introduces iPad/Tablet Universal Device Holder & Mounts


MyGoFlight, maker of premium iPad and tablet gear for pilots, announced the introduction of a Universal Cradle(TM) device holder that, when combined MYGOFLIGHT mounts, significantly simplifies, improves and lowers the cost of pilots and fleet operators deploying EFBs, iPads or tablets in the cockpits of planes.

“Every time you upgrade your iPad, tablet or EFB, it can wreak havoc on your existing mounting system, especially in situations when not all pilots carry the same exact device or use the same case,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “Our new Universal Cradle combined with a MYGOFLIGHT mount is future proof. It will adjust to handle the smallest tablet all the way up to the largest – in or out of a case. This means that as technology changes and the devices used change in size and shape, they will still be able to be secured in one single mount. It also means that retailers and fleet operators can replace dozens of parts with a small few that will accomplish the same with less – less inventory, less complexity, and less confusion.”

Universal Cradle(TM) – The Universal Cradle device holder is machined from aviation grade aluminum, is lightweight and will safely secure the iPad or tablet in its grip – in or out of a case. It connects and easily rotates when paired with any of the mounts by MYGOFLIGHT. The arms of the cradle are adjustable via quick release knobs making it easy and fast to insert and secure your device. Benefits There are many benefits of this new system for general, business, commercial and military aviation as well as the retailers and distributors that supply them. They include:

1. Future Proof. An investment in this single cradle will not become obsolete as the size of the device changes within its design capacity range. It can hold any size iPad or tablet including the Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy 10.2, iPad mini to iPad Air 2, Kindle Fire, Nexus, etc. This single cradle can replace up to 10 individual cradles that are now on the market.

2. Case Proof. It allows pilots and fleets to use protective cases on their device, such as an Otterbox or Lifeproof, without having to remove the device from its case prior to mounting.

3. Mount Proof. Works with ALL mounts by MYGOFLIGHT and retains the ability for the iPad or tablet to rotate between portrait and landscape modes by simply rotating the device without having to loosen and tighten anything.

4. Supply Proof. Fewer parts to stock, fewer parts to inventory, and fewer parts to configure all contribute to a streamlined supply chain making stocking and distribution simpler and less expensive.

Designed to work with ALL mounts by MYGOFLIGHT, pilots can connect the Universal Cradle to the FlexMounts(TM) – available for yoke, suction, and secure plate mounting; JetMounts – for custom fit on many Gulfstream, Boeing, Beech, Lear, Pilatus, TBM and many more aircraft; and various others.

For more information, visit To contact MyGoFlight, send an email to or call 303.364.7400.