AirVenture 2022: Elixir Aircraft


Elixir Aircraft’s EASA-certified two-seat Elixir comes in two versions, a Rotax 912 iS-powered trainer and a Rotax 915 iS-equipped traveler model. In this video from AirVenture 2022, company co-founder Cyril Champenois discusses plans to bring the aircraft to the U.S. market along with its design, performance and features.


  1. I wish them luck. If they want any chance of success, they need their own flight schools or flight school partners. So long as we keep making pilots like we are now, the 172 will be the solution and cause all new aircraft entrants to fail.

  2. I would like to assume that the designers knew what they were doing when they designed that big scoop on top of the cowl.

    But I bet that more air leaves that scoop than goes in.

    First, there’s a huge boundary layer problem on the upper cowl, and a spinning prop, turbulating the air only makes it worse. Second, I installed some “flappers” on the top cowl of our Glasair. I saw some guy do it at OSH, and thought it was a cool idea. (No pun intended.) They were simply hinged doors that dropped down via gravity, to cool the engine after shutdown. And, presumably, they closed in flight from a pressurized cowl.

    Long story short, it took about 10 years of glazing cylinders during break-in, seeing too high CHT’s on climb out, etc. before I figured out that these flappers were actually opened in flight, depressurizing the cowl! (Impossible to see them in flight.) I glued magnets onto the doors so that they would snap closed and saw my CHT’s drop at least 25 degrees.

  3. Hi Era P.

    I usually don’t comment on any videos, forums, etc. But being in somewhat of a foul mood this evening and trying to read some of my beloved aviation material, I erred and read your
    little troll missive.
    Why is there more air “out than in?”
    How much would you really like to “bet?”
    Please explain the “boundary layer problem” comment in terms of fluid dynamics versus your word “turbulating” air. I could go on but I’m getting nauseated trying to make some sense of your intellectually bankrupt blather.
    These young people have heart/soul and likely saving invested in a new aircraft and you just
    sit in your home and beat them up for what?
    Why don’t you close your flapper and maybe listen a bit.

    I hope these folks are super successful in selling this beautiful aircraft, and you get writers cramp.