AirVenture 2022: SayWeather WX Advisory System


A company called SayWeather was showing its automated weather advisory systems at AirVenture, which use solar-powered wireless weather sensors, a processing console and a transceiver for broadcasting the data. Larry Anglisano took a look at the setup with SayWeather’s George Domedion.

Larry Anglisano
Larry Anglisano is a regular AVweb contributor and the Editor in Chief of sister publication Aviation Consumer magazine. He's an active land, sea and glider pilot, and has over 30 years experience as an avionics tech.


  1. One of the best investments we’ve made at our field, very popular with everyone. Good folks to work with too!

  2. Might not be worse than some human observers.

    NavCanada had to yank up its contract observers at small airports in western Canada.

    Some ‘scientists’ on the peninsula that juts way north from Antarctica botched badly more than once last year, climate catastrophists of course trumpeted the one day reading.

  3. First there was PARAS, then came Belfort DigiWX, …now comes SayWeather !

    All of these are iterations of FAA’s original 1980’s concept of disseminating weather over unicom. The reason FAA never adopted that was the interference issue, which remains the elephant in the room.

    In the spirit of openness, we manufacture a more sophisticated platform called MicroTower ( Over the years we accumulated many FCC and FAA approvals, acceptances, and certifications, INCLUDING that our technology addressed the spectrum interference issue. Not easy to do!

    Briefly, to AVOID interference on BUSY frequencies requires 1) Sophisticated radio technology that is not commercially available, and 2) A.I that is smart enough to.not to interfere. We developed a very sophisticated transceiver, and have evolved a proven A.I. that has been deployed worldwide, and simply doesn’t cause any problems.

    Like PARAS, DigiWx, SayWeather will probably avoid FCC interference issues if the airport’s frequency is in low-use, and dos not infringe on other airport’s use of it.

    • I very much liked the MicroTower services at Lee airport. That’s a neat setup. If you’re an airport manager, I’d definitely take a look.

    • Need some triggering method like mike keying to get it to speak, at very low traffic airfields?

      • No additional mike clicks to use MicroTower in my experience. Just self announce like you normally would and it reads back the appropriate info.

        As the Unicom becomes more and more busy, the MicroTower information becomes truncated in a logical way, i.e. if they are 5 aircraft in the pattern on Unicom announcing runway 29, it’s not going to recommend a runway.

        As the Unicom gets more crowded, information is gradually left only to the most useful data-winds, and maybe DA. It’s an intuitive and logical system.