AirVenture 2023: Mister Mulligan


Doug Rozendaal leads what most would call a charmed life. He gets to fly high-performance World War II fighters and bombers in front of admiring crowds. He also gets to fly exotic vintage civilian aircraft. Their owners place implicit trust in him with their often irreplaceable and virtually priceless antiques.

Doug also owns some enviable aircraft of his own, including a Harmon Rocket, a Beech Baron twin, a Meyers OTW (“Out To Win”) golden-age biplane and an L-2 miliary liaison Taylorcraft from the WWII era.

His latest personal acquisition is a highly accurate replica of the one-off racing version of the Howard DGA 6 (“Damn Good Airplane”) known as “Mister Mulligan.” In the video, he tells the history of the airplane and recounts the lives of many of the people involved in how he came to own it. Rozendaal also shares his “secret” for maneuvering his backside into the pilot seats of so many great airplanes. Spoiler alert: The answer is about what you might expect.


  1. Great video. Show up and work hard is HOW you get ahead. I remember the plastic model from long ago, which I vaguely remember was a Monogram kit, of Mr. Mulligan which I thought was an interesting name when I was a kid. In 1978 I jumped the DGA-15 which had once been a Navy patrol plane at the DZ in Elsinore, California. This aircraft, N22418, was the ship used in the 1969 film “The Gypsy Moths” starring Burt Lancaster. Unfortunately, it was destroyed in a crash many years after I jumped it.

  2. Two thumbs up!

    Doug relates a great story about his time flying freight in a Beech 18 with total electrical failure… in night IMC. It was featured in AOPA’s “There I Was” podcast #32. Well worth the effort to find and listen to it. His storytelling is equally compelling for both pilot and non-pilot alike.

  3. Great story with accompanying interview video. The 1958 Model Kit rendition of Mr. Mulligan was a HAWK Model Company Kit in 1/48 scale plastic. The 1960 Model Kit rendition of Mr. Mulligan was in Balsa wood “laminate” / pre-colored, no tissue, die cut wood pieces, and made by MONOGRAM MODELS their then ” Bild ‘n Fly ” series of flying kits in 1/21 scale.
    I bought and built them both as a kid in the 1950’s / 1960 era. Around 1976, after obtaining my certificates, I had the good fortune of riding right seat in a DGA-15P with a P&W R-985 that was then owned by a friend of my then A&P I/A. Great aircraft!