AirVenture 2023: Wisk Air Taxi


Wisk Aero conducted the first public demonstration flight of its fully autonomous, electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL), fixed-wing air taxi at AirVenture 2023. AVweb’s Kate O’Connor stopped by at the show to learn more about the aircraft and the company’s plans for the future.


  1. It’ll be fascinating to see how this mode of transportation works out and fits into the world of short-range aviation. The statements on accommodating a wide variety of disabilities with just one passing reference to the evolution in battery tech are so ’23. I look forward to seeing how it does with the four of the usual “hefty” American passengers flying in real-world airspace. The impression I got is “how risky could this be? it’s just meant for short flights!”

  2. I saw it fly (via remote control) at Oshkosh. Cool technology but I really have difficulty thinking this or other “air taxis” – all on random flight paths – will be viable in a crowded urban environment. Just too much risk of mid-airs which could injure/kill people on the ground as well as passengers. But for pre-defined routes (e.g. airport to downtown shuttles) – they might succeed.

    • That seems to be the biggest hole in the plot for now (closely followed by battery limitations). There MUST be some kind of ‘detect and avoid’ technology before it can get far. And a TCAS equivalent won’t cut it, what if conflicting traffic is not equipped or it is faulty? This isn’t going to operating up in the airways, after all.

  3. Bold! This will turn the Tide in the air taxi Biz. It’s a Fab Gain for All. Let’s give it a Cheer.