DeLorme inReach Targets Pilots


Mapmaker DeLorme’s inReach messenger/tracker uses the Iridium satellite network to send position reports and text messages from almost anywhere on earth. The handheld device can send pre-determined text messages with an up-to-date position included. Pairing it via Bluetooth with an iPhone or Android device allows for custom text messages or short emails. It can also send SOS messages, including detailed information in a text message, that will initiate a search and rescue. The SOS isn’t automatic like an ELT, and the service isn’t cheap.

The inReach is $250 and subscription plans vary from $17.95 to $62.95 a month, depending on how much data you want to pump through the satellites. The latest version of the device can send off position reports every two minutes, which the company hopes will appeal to pilots who would want more precise position reporting. It also can link directly to Facebook and Twitter.