New Course, Instructor At King Schools


John and Martha King announced the launch of a completely redone version of the King Schools online instrument rating test prep course at Sun ‘n Fun 2019. According to the Kings, the newest version of the course adds “extensive discussions of risk management interwoven throughout the course in accordance with the new Instrument Rating Airmen Certification Standards (ACS).” In addition, the course contains more material on GPS procedures and use.

“The new video lessons benefit from King Schools’ 45 years of developing techniques to help pilots deeply understand aviation concepts, along with ways to absorb and recall facts when rote memorization is required,” said King Schools CEO Barry Knuttila. “As we do with all our test prep courses, we guarantee that our customers will pass their exams and that their online courses will always be up to date.”

The Kings also announced that Knuttila will be adding on-camera instructing in King Schools’ online video courses to his role with the company. Knuttila holds an ATP certificate with a Falcon 10 type rating and flight and ground instructor certificates with “all available airplane ratings.”