Oshkosh 1998 Image Gallery:
Day Five – Saturday, August 1

Our fifth day of photos from Oshkosh '98.


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Day Five – August 1, 1998

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Today’s Airshow

Herbie goes to Oshkosh.A tale of two tails.Look, it’s got one of them revolving restaurants on it.Can you take us to 20th Street?
Pretty maids all in a row.What was in that cup?You want us to push start it?Express lane, 2 items or less.
Synchornized swimmers.Wingin’ it.Check wheels down.EAA Young Eagles.
Help! Mommy! It’s got me!!!How’d you like your eggs?Uh, Houston, we have a problem.Well, it’s not quite Capistrano.
He only does windows.You got a problem with pink?Darn Concourde, always sticking its nose in.Fluffy! Nooooo!!
You wouldn’t believe the cool stuff they toss out.Well, it said 100LL.Passing the torch.I swear, I parked it right there!
…and their signals were on the whole time.Izzat thing on?Got change for a two year old?Now tell me that isn’t a rubber band!
Mine will come with a tail, right?The FedEx crew recount their tragic tale.Hurry up, Tommy, and pick that lock.I guess this is listed as “Experimental”?
The only place busier than the tower.No Dad! MISS the holes!The new model “Piper”.Are you sure it’s a relief tube?